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Prairies of the Willamette Valley: A Panel Discussion
Heath Keirstead | January 23, 2018

On Wednesday, January 10, 2018, Benton SWCD held our Annual Meeting for Fiscal Year 2016-2017. We have been focusing on (and will continue to focus on) prairie/meadowscaping outreach. We wanted people to leave the annual meeting with an understanding of why prairies are important habitats and why they are important to conserve/create. We wanted members of

Half Moon Bend Restoration Project Area © C. Durbecq
Half Moon Bend Restoration Project
Heath Keirstead | April 8, 2017

A 27 acre portion of a 115 acre parcel of the Willamette River Greenway, just north of Corvallis, is the site of a demonstration project for riparian forest restoration practices and future riparian forest ecology studies in a bottomland forest.

an intern digging into a field
Soil Quality Project: science meets practice
Teresa Matteson | July 27, 2016

This internship has been all encompassing- stretching my mind to think, working my hands with samples, and lending out my services as a student.

Native Plants for Butterfly Gardening
Bruce Newhouse | July 21, 2016

Many of our native butterflies need specific plants as larval hosts and as sources of nectar. Find out which plants to choose to attract your favorite butterflies.

Fischer's Flour Mill. Benton County Historical Society and Museum Collection (Harriet Moore collection) #1990-068.1292
Mill Race Urban Creek Tour
Heath Keirstead | May 26, 2016

A portal to a series of blog posts about the Mill Race in South Corvallis.

Faye Yoshihara | March 31, 2016

Find out why ten intrepid students braved the winter weather.

A Welcome to Spring
Holly Crosson | March 22, 2016

Holly Crosson shares her spring time sojourn into the wilds of Benton County.

The Willamette River’s Grade: B- Overall, B in Benton County
Meyer Memorial Trust | December 2, 2015

The Willamette River Report Card gives the river an overall passing grade of B- and section grades of B for the upper Willamette (Eugene to Albany), B for the middle Willamette (Albany to Newberg), and C+ for the lower Willamette (Newberg to the Columbia River). Here in Benton County we are part of the upper

We Can All Protect the River, Everyday.
Meyer Memorial Trust | December 2, 2015

Whether you live on a farm or in a city, your actions make a difference to the health of the river and nearby streams. Protect Streamside Vegetation Keep existing streamside vegetation to improve water quality and provide habitat. Remove weeds and plant native vegetation in their place. Plant streamside vegetation where it is bare. Prevent

Soil Quality Project: Summer 2015
Amanda Pennino | October 16, 2015

This internship has been all encompassing- stretching my mind to think, working my hands with samples, and lending out my services as a student.

Soil and Community Awareness
Zoe Ash | October 9, 2015

I ended up feeling more connected to the Corvallis area and beyond by having face-to-face interactions with professionals in my future field.

Goats eating blackberries
Goat Power! A Creative Tool for Managing Difficult Invasive Plants
Jamie Powell | September 10, 2015

Goats are helping the City of Albany tackle invasive English ivy.

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