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Mill Race down wood
Southtown’s Mill Race: Community Benefits
Regina Southworth | May 6, 2015

The Mill Race provides ecological and cultural benefits for the people and wildlife who live nearby.

Volunteers who planted 154 native trees and shrubs along the Mill Race in April of 2015.
The Mill Race: Community Interest on the Rise
Regina Southworth | May 6, 2015

Learn about the projects that are planned and underway to improve the Mill Race aesthetically, hydrologically, and ecologically.

Fischer's Flour Mill. Benton County Historical Society and Museum Collection (Harriet Moore collection) #1990-068.1292
Industry Generated by the Corvallis Mill Race
Regina Southworth | May 6, 2015

The Mill Race is a short but significant waterway that turned Corvallis into a major economic force for the Willamette Valley. Find out how it all began.

stormwater research facility
Green Stormwater Treatment Research in Benton County
Grant Livingston | October 21, 2014

Researchers test three stormwater treatment technologies.

water footprint
What is your water footprint?
Donna Schmitz | May 28, 2014

Your indirect water footprint is much larger than your direct water footprint at home. Find out why and how you can reduce it.

WiseWords Community Garden by Bart Everson, wikimedia commons
Rising Up: It’s Time to Think About Raised Bed Gardening
Crystal Durbecq | March 31, 2014

If you are thinking about getting your garden growing, raised beds might be a good choice to consider.

Riparian Planting © D. Schmitz
The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program Wants to Pay You!
Donna Schmitz | March 6, 2014

Do you have a streamside or riverside area on land you manage? You could get paid to take this land out of production!

irrigation photo from NRCS website
Are you using more water than you need to use?
Donna Schmitz | March 5, 2014

Learn how to water your crops efficiently at this timely and practical workshop.

Corvallis Garden Design by Beth Young © B. Young
Surviving Drought in Benton County
Holly Crosson | January 29, 2014

Planting natives and other drought-tolerant plants in your home landscape is one of the best ways to address low precipitation conditions.

Bee pollinating a camas flower near the Willamette River. © M. Evelyn
Findings from the Willamette River Vegetative Survey and Assessment
Crystal Durbecq | January 15, 2014

The first project of the Willamette Mainstem Cooperative (WMC) was a two-year survey of plants and habitat. Dick Brainerd summed up the findings in a report that is being used as a management tool. This post summarizes the report’s findings.

2013 Annual Meeting
BSWCD Annual Meeting Includes Thought-Provoking Talk about the History of Native People Here
Andrea Davis | January 14, 2014

At the BSWCD Annual Meeting, Dr. David Brauner, OSU professor of anthropology, shared a glimpse of the little-known history of native peoples in this area.

Karen Hans and tourists at Dixon Creek/Willamette Confluence © H. Keirstead
Self-Guided Creek Tour Brochures
Heath Keirstead | September 17, 2013

Print off some Urban Creek Tour brochures and view beautiful sites around Corvallis and Philomath!

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