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a bottomland forest surrounded by farm fields
Integrated Biological Pest Management
Teresa Matteson | April 8, 2021

2017 was an exceptional year of Integrated Biological Pest Management (IBPM) education thanks to USDA Risk Management Education Partnerships Program funding and the leadership of Gwendolyn Ellen.

Conservation Neighbor: Jerry Paul
Heath Keirstead | December 30, 2020

Native plants brought the Pauls to Benton SWCD after they moved to Corvallis in 2006. By 2012, Jerry had revolutionized the order fulfillment process at the Native Plant Sale.

Conservation Neighbor: Molly Monroe
Heath Keirstead | December 15, 2020

Molly Monroe, with her personal and professional dedication to conserving the natural world and its inhabitants, is a role model for all budding and even long-standing conservation practitioners. Read more about this inspiring conservation neighbor!

Mason Bee Problems and Possible Solutions
Judith Paul | April 15, 2019

Introduction This paper was written by Judith Paul for the Oregon State University course Entomology 331: Pollinators in Peril in the winter of 2017. In the Pacific Northwest, a busy solitary bee unknown to many people is quietly pollinating orchards and early-blooming plants. Metallic blue-green and about the size of a honey bee, it might

Adventures of an Amateur Mason Bee Keeper – Part 3
Debbie Palmer | December 21, 2017

Debbie Palmer shares the harvesting and cleaning stage of her mason bee adventures.

Adventures of an Amateur Mason Bee Keeper – Part 2
Debbie Palmer | July 13, 2017

Debbie’s bees have been keeping her busy. Learn from her trials and errors in part 2 of Adventures of an Amateur Mason Bee Keeper.

Adventures of an Amateur Mason Bee Keeper – Part 1
Debbie Palmer | April 27, 2017

Installment One – Spring – Tuesday April 25th After a disastrous experience in 2016* I was determined to do things right in 2017. BSWCD asked if I would blog about this year’s journey for their newsletter, so please follow along and hopefully we’ll learn together. (And for the bees’ sake – wish me luck!) I

Pollinators need nectar plants…and pollen plants
Donna Schmitz | January 5, 2017

Honey bees need more than nectar – they need the protein and fat that pollen provides.

Time to Clean Your Mason Bee Cocoons
Rich Little | November 7, 2016

You can help mason bees

Native Plants for Butterfly Gardening
Bruce Newhouse | July 21, 2016

Many of our native butterflies need specific plants as larval hosts and as sources of nectar. Find out which plants to choose to attract your favorite butterflies.

Oregon white oak leaves
Oregon White Oak: cherished by human and butterfly alike
Lindsay Willrick | January 29, 2016

You can help keep oak woodlands, one of the most at risk habitats in the U.S., from going extinct.

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